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Jehan-Antoine Vayssade (28 years)

python/c++/glsl enginer, I spend most of my free time
making game-engine, 3d-engine and game-server
also interested in pure knowledge of those sciences

Some years ago I started to build a game, today it's a complete game engine, with custom 3D engine, integrated physics, sound, scripting, editor and my own server, all in c++ 11. this self-learning has made me more flexible against problem resolving and has increased my programming skills. Here you can see my works and studies, follow links to see some of my codes ... good reading
  1. c / c++ (15 years)
  2. slackware (14 years)
  3. irrlicht (13 years)
  4. opengl / glsl (11 years)
  5. java (8 years)
  6. opencl / cuda (4 years)
  7. python (4 years)
  8. php / sql
  9. c# / unity
  10. game-engine
  11. 3d engine
  12. socket
  13. github
  14. gitlab
  15. latex
  16. ...

*SEN : Electronic and Numeric Systems with Telecom and Network option
*IGAI : computer graphics and image analysis

​​Self-learning and online followed courses
​​Interest & project