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Jehan-Antoine Vayssade (30 years old)
Postdoc in animal tracking trought computer vision
PhD in computer science, specialized in image analysis
Master thesis about the monitoring of small ruminants
High skills in computer graphics (real time rendering)


I have a solid knowledge in most of the scientific domains related to computer science, such as real-time rendering, optimization, 3d rendering engines, sockets, or operating systems. I gained these skills, at adolescence, through a passion at first for video game development. Thus, 15 years ago I started to build a game. However, I found more interest in the development and study of the underlying mechanics. Today it's a complete game engine, with custom 3D engine, integrated physics, post-processing (shader), sound, scripting, editor and my own server, all in c++ 11. This self-learning has made me more flexible against problem resolving and has increased my programming skills. It was only after a time that I was able to enter a master's degree in this field (Image Analysis and Computer Graphics). Follow me on :

I have a strong interest in ecology, bio-diversity and agriculture. About doing it yourself, for example, in order to have a sense of autonomy. This is reflected in the personal projects, skills and knowledge in this field that were passed on to me at a very young age. Since I am a researcher, I have less time to spend on it, but I would be glad to discuss about these topics. These two aspects, between technology and autonomy, may seem contradictory. But as the saying goes, keep your head in the cloud and your feet on the ground. Technology is good, it's interesting and sometimes we do great things. But let's not forget its cost and its difficulty of access for the poorest. Good technology should be free, open source and easily reproducible with a low energy cost and a low ecology impact. For the respect of future generations and the nature.

Here you can see my works and studies, follow links to see some of my codes.

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  1. c / c++ (15 years)
  2. slackware (15 years)
  3. irrlicht (13 years)
  4. opengl / glsl (11 years)
  5. java (8 years)
  6. opencl / cuda (4 years)
  7. python (5 years)
  8. computer vision (4 years)
  9. tensorflow / torch (4 years)
  10. image analysis (4 years)
  11. signal processing
  12. c# / unity
  13. game-engine
  14. 3d engine
  15. socket
  16. github
  17. gitlab
  18. latex
  19. php / sql / javascript
  20. ...

*SEN : Electronic and Numeric Systems with Telecom and Network option
*IGAI : computer graphics and image analysis

​​Self-learning and online followed courses
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